[BRI008] Ickoo – Fufu’s From Da’ Bulu

Artist:  Ickoo
Title:  Fufu’s From Da’ Bulu
Label:  Briokids Recordings
Catalog#:  BRI008
Format:  CD, Album
Country:  USA
Released:  2000
Runtime:  48.3 minutes
Direct Download:  [BRI008] Ickoo – Fufus From Da’ Bulu

01.  E-I-G-A-B RMX
02.  Gimme A Hug
03.  Fatal Error
04.  Kung Fu Fighting All Nite Long
05.  Piss And Poop In All Those Things
06.  Death Of A Candy Girl (Suga Suga RMX)
07.  You Have Been Sent Here To Die
08.  Animal Farm (Barnyard Warfare)
09.  Killa Cop (Lightfootpussy Mix)
10.  Just Go Eat Your Fucking Jungle!!!
**.  I Am A Duck Not A Truck